IT Auditing Services

Basic Auditing

Send us your bulk laptops and we will inventory them all. You will receive a spreadsheet containing key information such as make and model, as well as details such as Bios version, installed RAM, CPU, and presence of a battery/AC adapter. We will also include notes indicating any parts that are visibly missing and need to be replaced. Each unit will be uniquely numbered for your convenience. 

Laptop Cleaning

As an addon service to our Basic Auditing, we will go through and clean each laptop. This includes cleaning fingerprints and debris from the laptop screen, full body cleaning of any unwanted stickers or marks, and full air dusting of all ports and vents.

Full System Testing

As an addon service to our Basic Auditing, we will run each unit through our 142 point laptop testing. Our full feature system testing covers every aspect of the laptop, from internal components such as memory, CPU, and hard drive, to external components such as USB, keyboard, trackpad, and screen. This is the same testing we put all of our refurbished products through, so you can have the peace of mind knowing exactly what you have.