Let Us Recycle Your Used IT Equipment for FREE.

There is an ever-growing need to ensure that nothing harmful goes back into our wonderful planet. It is important that businesses look to recycling as an option to removing old hardware. We endeavor to keep all technology hardware from ever making it into the e-waste landfill and get it to a certified R2 facility. We are dedicated to maintaining this standard at every turn in our business.

Custom E-Recycling

Too much to pack? Simply do not have the time? We can help you with that! Contact us and we’ll be happy to accommodate a custom-built solution for pick up, residential or commercial.  Don’t have time or space in the server room or closet to record all the Asset tags and serial numbers?  No worries, we can do it for you either ‘on site’ or an agreed-on location, once done you will have a complete list of all items.

Electronic Recycling equipment

Many of the items we remove include Barcode Scanners, Computers, Hardware, Laptops, Laser Printers, LCD’s, Network Hardware, Office Phones, PC Systems, Phone Systems, Power Distribution, Routers, Servers, Software, Switches, Telecom, Thermal Printers etc.  

Unfortunately, we do not accept CRTs.

Data Safety

Keeping information secure is our priority, all hardware with sensitive or personal information is stored in a secured and locked facility until the device with the information is sanitized or destroyed.

Data Destruction or Sanitizing

Hard Drives, CD-Roms, Flash drives etc. all hold important and often very sensitive information, when considering Sanitizing or Destruction there are various things to consider.


  • Electronic recycling for Omaha and surrounding areas (Free)
  • Hard drive destruction DOD wipe 5220.22-M 3 pass wipe (Free)
  • Electronic recycling pick up service for Omaha (Free)
  • Hard drive crushing $2.00 per drive
  • Hard drive shredding $10.00 per drive
  • Certificate of Recycling (Free)


Contact us today for solutions and options.