For SMBs and home offices that need help removing clutter. 

You updated your office’s tech equipment and performance is better than ever. But where is all this old equipment going to go? We’ll recycle it for free! Keeping old hardware out of landfills is important to us, so we offer eco-conscious recycling options for almost any kind of electronics. 

Free tech recycling

It’s as simple as that. We’ll recycle your used IT equipment for free so we can do our part to lessen our eco-footprint and get the equipment to a certified R2 facility. Our team is dedicated to maintaining this standard every chance we get. So, we started offering free recycling to businesses and residential offices.

Flexible pick-ups

Getting rid of your old stuff is time-consuming. Especially if you plan to recycle (which we always do). We’re happy to accommodate a custom pick-up service to meet your needs. That could include anything from packing to responsible asset tag removal. We can come to you, pick a spot to meet, or any small drop-offs can be received at our convenient store location.

Safe data storage

Our experts understand how critical it is to keep your information secure, so we always make safety a top priority when performing data destruction or sanitization. All hardware is stored in a secured and locked facility until the device is sanitized or destroyed.

Destruction or sanitization

If you have sensitive information that you need to erase before recycling, we’re here to help. Our methods are safe, following strict protocols to ensure that your data is secure until destruction and cannot be recovered. 

Tell us what you need to get rid of

Do you have some IT clutter to get rid of? Let’s talk about how we can help! Our team is willing to custom plan equipment pickup and cleaning services to lessen the hassle for you. Call us at (402) 448-3100 or send us a message to learn more.